Chef’s Hat

In order to get this hat, you need to trade in items specified by a representative from the Cooking Guild. The required items change everyday, 11pm Singapore time.

The last item I needed to get 70,000 guild points to redeem the hat was a Icecap Rolanberry. One of it’s ingredients, Crawler Egg, is low in supply but I managed to buy all 10 from the Jeuno Auction House.

So out of 10 crafts, I got a HQ (Snowy Rolanberry) and a break. But finally, I now have enough guild points to redeem my Chef’s Hat.



A Singaporean who is currently studying abroad received a legal threat from an agency which he blogged about.

In his blog, he merely criticised their scholarship system.

I never had the chance to read his entry before he shut down his blog but here in my blog, I am going to criticise this issue.

Instead of making any effort to have an email conversation with AcidFlask, perhaps to help each other understand what’s wrong, you simply abuse your power, and demand your lawyers that they sue some helpless person because of their comments.

Real men don’t abuse their power to solve simple issues.

If you think you’re right, prove it.

If the person who accused you based his accusation on inaccurate information, inform him.

Only when communication fails do you call in your mommies to clean up the mess for you.

If everyone starts sueing one another for small things like this, we will all start living on the streets whereas lawyers will live in castles.

Zenryoku Zenkai

Spent a few minutes making a banner image for the site. By the way, for web developers, never name your flash files, images banner.swf or banner.jpg as Norton AntiSpam automatically blocks these flash/images from showing up on your browser.

I’m not sure if I interpreted the kanji characters correctly. Tuufless/Glueforever, if you see this, send a /tell! ^^


Completed the neccessary Zilart missions to gain access to Tu’Lia regions. The scenery is wonderful. Got invited into Glueforever’s HNMLS (Hyper Notorious Monster LinkShell).

There’s nothing much I can do with even helping out with farming for the drops that are used to spawn the Gods.

Glueforever asked if there was someone who could assist him with making a website for his HNMLS, I hesitate to volunteer at first because my project at work is moving forwards and my client is quite satisfied with what I’ve done. Boss says 90% chance of sealing this deal.

Back home, all the time I have left are spent enjoying Final Fantasy XI and some anime.

But Evasama {/point}ed me so Glueforever asked me directly and it’s kinda hard to reject especially when I’m quite tempted to work on his project myself. Also because there’s lots of ideas for his website, running through my head (this has known to keep me from falling asleep at times when I should be falling asleep. >_< ).

Self-Discipline is also another problem I’m still working on.

Anyways, it’s been an exciting night. What’s left for me is to level up, and getting an invite is by far the hardest part of this MMORPG.

Star Wars!!

I’ve booked my ticket for Star Wars Episode III for May 18th, 7.40pm at Plaza Singapura!! [XD]

Seems like I have more than enough money in my savings to get a new SFF(Small Form Factor) Computer to act as my server. What’s left now is waiting for the right time to make my purchase…