I’m getting stressed out by the CRM software I’m trying to re-customize. It’s
initial purpose was for sales people etc, and now I have to customize it for
hotel organizations to manage their properties, bookings, etc.

So far the API manual has been helpful and I’m starting to remember my VB6
basics. It’s weird how the web portals of this system are done in ASP.NET, and
the main program is also coded in a .NET language (just an assumption), but
the plugins have to be coded in VB6.

Anyway, I just finished a conversation with them (people who sold us the CRM
and supposed to provide training and support) and I made a fool of myself.
We spoke over skype, sort of a voip program. There was lag and I was caught
unprepared, so there was a long silence after the call was initiated and I am
left struggling to find my notes. I could hear giggling and laughter in the
background. Sigh… It’s gonna be fucking awkward when I meet up with them in Hong
Kong next Monday.

Somebody save me!