The Refridgerator Arrives

Hahaha, I overheard my boss saying something about a fridge arriving today and later, saw my colleague rearranging the kitchen area in the office to make space for the new appliance. Later, the deliverymen came and brought us a nice 1.5M tall refridgerator. Somehow in my mind, I pictured myself dancing around it dressed like Red Indians and chanting “Hoogachakka hoogachakka!”

So later that day after knocking off, I went down to SimLim Square to get a 160GB harddisk. I needed one with huge storage space in order to reorganize my harddisks and do some tests. I suspect 2 of my harddisks have problems. *touch wood*

I purchased one that’s SATA, Serial-ATA, instead of the traditional PATA, Parallel-ATA. SATA costs about S$23 more than the PATA version. Even though a lot of people say current technology cannot fully utilise the bandwidth provided by PATA, let alone SATA, it doesn’t mean it will stay this way forever. The main reason for getting SATA too is because it uses a thin cable to connect to your motherboard. So much thinner than PATA’s that it makes organizing your computer case more easy, less messy, better air flow.

As of now, I’m copying all the files from my 120GB over to the 160GB and it takes an hour. I still have much more to do before I can drop asleep. My eyelids… are heavy…