[Japan Trip] To Japan!

Last week, there was a Chan Brother’s Travel Fair at Suntec Exhibition Hall. Dragged my friend down with me to take a look. It was there, I bought my air tickets to Japan.

There was a VISA promotion for NorthWest Airlines. It was the cheapest fare I could find. But it requires the payment to be made through a VISA credit card. Luckily, my colleague at work had one so he helped make the payment for me.

The bad thing is, the flight’s only at 6am. And I have to check in at 4am.

Maybe I’ll see if I can grab a few friends to spend the night playing NDS at the airport with me. Haha

Can’t wait for November to come.

Brown Belt, Swift Belt

Had a little interest in MNK so I went to camp the NMs for the quest items for Brown Belt. 1/2 on Nue, 1/1 on Dodo, 1/2 on Morbolger. Morbolger drops the item 100% so what I mean by 1/2 is I lost claim on first attempt.

I feel lucky that I finished this in 2 days.

Next, I was asked to help on a Swift Belt run. My friends brought 5 triggers and we fought the Hume one for all 5. No drops on first 3 fights. Drop on the 4th one. So they decide to use to 5th codex for me and it dropped. :o


I knew about this belt and that many people were after it. But the 4% haste didn’t feel much to me so I never bothered about getting it. But now that I have it, maybe I’ll borrow dusk gloves when I max out Desperate Blows and see how fast I can go.

Friend says it’s good for my PLD/NIN or DRK with Desperate Blows LV3 + Haste + Walahra Turban + Swift Belt.

I tried it on my NIN last night with my static PT. I borrowed a friend’s Fuma Kyahan(3% haste) too.

NIN AF body (Enhance Dual Wield) + March(Song) + Haste + Swift Belt + Fuma Kyahan = Fun.

Setup was WHM BLM BRD WAR MNK NIN (LV 57-58), camp was just outside Nashmau, fighting birds and puks. Our first hour, we got 7000exp (8000 with empress band). I pulled non-stop, even though the mages had less than 100MP, but somehow we didn’t have any problems.

DragonBall Z 外伝 - サイヤ人絶滅計画


Back when I was around 10~11 years old, DragonBall Z games on the NES were the craze among RPG gamers. I’ve played and completed DBZ 2, 3 and 外伝. Of all 3, 外伝 is my most favourite one.

If I remember correctly, you move around with cards and monsters are random encounters. You battle using cards too. There are many different cards with different kanji characters. A certain combination will allow you to use special moves.

For example, to execute Son Goku’s famous Kamehameha you need to use cards in the order "体爆光". For Super Kamehameha "拳拳体爆光". Cards come randomly. Z card allows you to choose the character you want. Sort of like a wild card.

You start off with being able to use only 3 cards in battle. Then slowly progress up to 7(? can’t remember).

If anyone’s interested, you can find the NES rom here.

Looking at these screenshots brings back memories. I’ve even recorded the OP theme music and used it as my ringtone!

Would you play a Final Fantasy game where…

The main character, the hero of the story, the protagonist, is a fat guy?

I know I will. And I expect an epic storyline.

If the storyline involves him saving the world, I can accept that.

If there’s romance in the story like FF8, I can accept that too. In fact, that might be awesome depending on how SE does it.