Smithing 69

Got lucky!

Iceday 20:00~20:53
Waning Gibbous (67%)
Facing West, wearing mitts and apron.


Fire Crystal: 2000g per stack.

Darksteel Ingot:
Darksteel Ore(9000g~10000g), Iron Ore x3 (675g from Smithing Guildsalesroom)
rough average: 12,000g each

Elm Lumber: RMTs buying up all the Elm Logs so I couldn’t try and HQ them myself. Bought a lot of stacks at 24,000g~25,000g.
rough average: 2,000g each


Darksteel Pick: Bastok NPC buys them at 12,484g, Rank 1 with LV8 Bastok Fame.

About 1,700g loss per synth, which I’m trying to cover by furiously synthing sushi on my main.

another FFXI update

Who says DRK is weak? :p

Sneak attack Spiral Hell

Last resort effect LV2, Royal Sautee (+80ATT, +5STR, -2INT)
WS gear:

I got to leech on a 75ENM with Tuufless and few other LS mates, but it was too late and I had work the next day so I left while we were waiting for the ice weather to go away.

LV45WHM tanks Jormungand for 2 hits.

Carbuncle tanked Jormungand until it flew

The lag resulting from last month’s quake near Taiwan damaging some underwater telecomm cables are still around. About 0.5-1second of lag. Bad enough for me to miss Radiant Breath stun at Seiryu. /sigh.

Also, I’ve gone as far as to replace the phone lines in my home with CAT5 cables and still, I’m getting ADSL instabilities. I’m going back to bugging my ISP, Singnet, to do more to help solve my problem.

The above 2 has pretty much killed my FFXI experience. And I’ve been spending more time with friends who’ve also bought NDS and have Mario Kart. We’ve been playing together often, cursing each other when they use the red shell, lol.

smithing 60

I’ve been levelling smithing on one of my mules. I’ve finally reached 60 with very little losses (guesstimated 200k loss). It took me a long time because I chose to skill up on items that sell for profit on the AH but take a long time to sell.

I wonder how far I can go until I have to experience huge losses.

It’s kind of fun doing this slowly and making small profits along the way.

Let’s see if I can take it to 100 without spending millions!