As I’m rather busy at work today, I’ll make a brief post!

Last week a friend asked for help with Xolotl. I was to go as PLD/NIN.

The initial PT setup was: BST RDM PLD. A BLM joined us later.

We waited for 20:00 vana time for it to spawn.

With /NIN, my radar is larger and monsters show up as red dots. So when I saw a red dot appear, I immediately ran towards that direction, spotted Xolotl and claimed with flash.

We ran up north to the area with the tunnel leading to an ENM zone and fought there. I would assist the BST who charmed the pets in the area to attack Xolotl while the RDM kites the other 2 skeletons that Xolotl summons.

Quite exciting, never have I forced myself to pay attention to my number of shadows. There was one occasion where it casted thundaga and ended up being intimdated by me. I had loaded up with a few koenig pieces for the CHR+ boost since Xolotl is an undead monster.

For a large part of the fight, it was quite safe and easy. Only near the end where things started to get a little chaotic because everyone was silenced and stuff. But I managed to nuke the last bit of health with a friend’s BLM character that I was dual boxing and had parked him in a safe place.


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