Ragnarok or Aegis

Relic weapons, if you’ve never heard of them, costs incredible amounts of gil, time and effort of many people to upgrade. Nevertheless, it’s a good long-term goal to have, which I believe is what’s keeping me playing till now.

Firstly, I like PLD. 

To be honest, I levelled PLD for 2 reasons.

1) Merits, lol. Because DRK isn’t a job people would invite for merits often.

2) PLD friends who quit FFXI.

But lately, as I levelled PLD to 75, I like it as much as I like DRK. Like DRK, both require you to be alert and pay lots of attention.

Heh, although NIN takes a lot less damage than a PLD in a merit/exp PT, correct me if I’m wrong but I feel a NIN cannot handle links as well as a PLD. Or maybe I just have very good support members in my PT to sleep the links.

My last merit PT, we had 4 spiders and 2 mamools to deal with at once. It was very exciting. I love it when there’s links. :D

PLD in dynamis is very boring when you’re in the sleepga PT. The PT which keeps all the links slept. PLDs are supposed to voke the mobs to keep the hate off the BLM or BRD who sleeps the links.

So yea, I like PLD and I want to experience tanking more end-game monsters.

Stuff like killing Jormungand with 6 people has motivated and inspired me a lot. But here’s the thing, the PLD in that 6 man party possesses Aegis. Fully upgraded relic shield.

So here’s my dilemma. I feel I can only afford to upgrade 1 relic item. I want to get Ragnarok for my DRK to perform well at end-game and on the other hand, I want Aegis to help me tank end-game monsters.



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  1. Get the shield.

    With Subduer being as good as it is, why bother spending hundreds of millions to be slightly better than before, while the shield has no rival?

  2. 1 says sword, 1 neutral, and 3 says aegis! ( >_<)

    Is the sword that bad? +20ACC and a relic WS! LOL!

    I will continue to meditate on this.

    Thanks for the comments :)

  3. Aegis isn’t nearly as game-breaking as it used to be. Aegis used to be the only shield that works the way shields do right now; all others were just plain useless back then. Now all shields follow those equations. While Aegis is still the best shield hands down, the difference between Aegis and the next best thing isn’t nearly as big. The biggest advantage of Aegis is really the magic damage down stat. The 300 damage shield bashes are nice as well.

    Koenig Shield can actually achieve the same block rate as Aegis – they have the same cap. Aegis has a lower damage taken on proc though. For something like a PLD/NIN style, its the block rate you’re really going to be interested in. In regards to the 6 man Jorm (Poison LS video I assume), the biggest factor the Aegis adds is the damage down. Higher end endgame mobs usually have horrible magic based attacks (wyrm breath attacks and such).

    Relic price has really crashed in the deflation on Odin – you can probably get the currency for roughly 150M (very high estimate). I wouldn’t let something like the hide NM worry you. Also the last stage is 10000 bronze, it’s not your choice (Wiki is wrong).

    As far as Rag. I have to admit it’s more of a toy while Aegis actually has a lot of game-breaking stats. Sigfrido does have one bit Sigfrido is actually Letticia’s mule (player in Jokers with a Ghorn). It really is just a toy. I think going with Aegis was the right choice, if anythiing, just because I can’t see you being disappointed with it once it is done. Ragnorak I can see people being disappointed. Either way good luck!

  4. Second thought, get the sword. That way you can use it with both DRK and PLD. I don’t believe Aegis can be used with DRK.

  5. Bah! Guess I’ll go for shield then.

    It’s cheaper too since any of the 3 dynamis currencies can be used and Bastok’s are cheap!

  6. Amaltheia is eazy

    ranarok is kinda Meh imo , not worth the money spent. U can check Sigfrido of xxJokersxx he has it.

    Aegis would hlep your PLD better (esp tanking) Pld/Nin since block = un-interupted spell casting with Aegis at 75%(?) block

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