A period of bad luck

My luck has been pretty bad in crafting these days. I’ve been losing lots of gil here and there.

I did 12 synths of a T1 recipe. No HQs, 2 breaks. About 1.5 million loss.

I tried to do a few profitable NQ synths. Materials cost a lot and I broke one. About 500k loss.

An AH mistake, I wanted to buy a high priced ingredient but because my mouse slipped and I hit enter too fast, I lost 200k. I tried contacting the seller, even troubled a friend to find myself a German-English translator, the person refused to refund me the gil.

Then I made a second AH mistake which costed me 100k. The person owning the mule that I made the purchase from is possibly an asshole so I’ve given up on even trying to ask for it.

So using the material I got from this recent AH mistake, I went to synth the recipe it’s for. It broke. And I lost 600k.

I did 3 sets of 12 synths for another T1 recipe. Various breaks, 2 HQs. End result: break-even.

A fine mess of 3 million gil down the drain. I’ve decided I’m probably better off focusing on the T2 and T3 recipes until I’ve earned enough to cover the losses…

Even simple low level synths for GP items, I break 2 times in a row.

It’s like all my luck went into my recent Dynamis-Beaucedine run where I lotted 998 for Warrior’s cuisses (Haha, Double Attack +1). I had considered levelling WAR just for fun since it shares a lot of equipment with my DRK already.

On one hand, I’m happy because I won a lot. On the other, I felt a little uneasy as I get that feeling where I’ve used up all my luck just for this. And to top it off, my WAR is only level 40 and I won’t be touching it until I’m done with MNK.

And by being “done” with MNK, I mean maxing out merits for the MNK category and capping guard.

As I mentioned before that I’m levelling MNK, I’ve come to notice that because you need 5 other people to form a PT (excluding yourself), it means that there are 5 chances of having a silly player in the party.

The chances of meeting a silly EN player are so much higher than a silly JP player that I’ve decided to take the risk and use a Japanese search comment in hopes of raising my chances of getting into a JP party.

But before you shoot me, I still accept invites from EN players without any questions asked and speak proper English in the party.

Oh, and in my journey to MNK75, here’s a few stories I have to tell:

DRK – EN – Gets excited with doing high damage WSes. When this Elvaan male was praised by a female member in the party, he attempts to do even higher damage by using Last Resort + Souleater + Berserk + WS at the start of a battle. He died.

BLM – JP – She does more than just nuking hard and dying once, she even supports the PT by casting Silena on me when I get silenced. Problem is, I’m MNK/THF.

WHM – JP – You know how imps frequently use Deafening Tantra to silence us. Same thing as before. And I was also MNK/THF

WHM – JP – She tries to do her best by keeping everyone at full health. She tries so hard she’s a tarutaru that runs out of MP after the 3rd kill. I noticed she doesn’t use regen and tries to cure me when I swap gear for WS, and the gear swaps adjust my HP by just a little.

NIN – EN – Probably just a newbie but he did a really bad job at tanking. Normally, if all my shadows are down, I wouldn’t be typing and I’d be focusing on the timing to get it back up. But this one was chatting away. He died once. Then while waiting for weakened to wear off, even though warnings were said in party chat, he remained standing in front of an Imp which killed him a second time. He left the PT after that.

WAR – JP – All was going well till he stopped moving. Leader eventually kicked him as we don’t have a BLM and he was standing in a place that had crawlers that aggro. Good night!

So close yet so far (Bonanza post)

And so the numbers are out. Out of my 70 marbles, one of them won rank 3 and 7 rank 5s.

Right now I wish so bad that the character with the rank 3 marble was on my main character. I would definitely go for the Homam Cosciales without any hesitation. But it was on a mule so too bad. :(

On the bright side, at least I won 1 million gil to cover the 70,000g spent on reducing my inventory slots for more than a month.