PLD Relic AF Complete

Finally finished PLD Relic AF. I got the legs piece in our previous beaucedine run. Now I think I’ll start spending points on 100 pieces to work on my lolrelic shield.


My dynamis LS has taken a different approach to some things. We use only 1 PLD in sleepga PT now and 1 NIN tank as main. I get to go as DRK/NIN and sometimes help to tank a little, which keeps me awake. Seeing the BRD and BLM keeping all the mobs slept makes me sleepy. >_<

As to why I feel sleepy, the times of my dynamis runs are 12am and 4am, local time.

My NIN static is slowly approaching to an end. Just 2 more levelling sessions and I’m quitting it for good. Our last PT, a JP RDM disconnected a few minutes after levelling up and never came back. Instead of finding a replacement, we just continued on as 5 members (WHM BLM SMN MNK NIN). Even though we are only 5, we could chain #5 and get around 180~266exp per kill. :D

I begin to have interest in MNK and WHM. I’m playing WHM just to experience the different aspects of battle in FFXI; Tank(PLD,NIN), Damage-Dealer(MNK,DRK,WAR), Support(RDM,BRD), Healing(WHM). Is there any category that I left out? I’m playing MNK because a friend keeps telling me it’s the best DD job, thus I decided to try it out and see for myself. MNK also seems like a job that can solo stuff well.

The upcoming update looks very good for DDers who use 2-hand weapons. SE’s going to adjust the damage formula so we can deal more damage against high level monsters. Hopefully it applies to NMs too. They’re also going to introduce "grips" which is to be equipped in the sub-weapon slot.

Screenshots from POL site show an example of a grip that reduces delay by 3%. 2 good news for DRKs, SAMs and DRGs. :)

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  1. Full set?! Congrats!

    Grips eh… Knuckle Wraps (Yes please!)

    If not haste then dmg or even other effects! Give us monks SOMETHING! XD

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