photos from Passion concert by Eminence

Remember the Passion concert I went a few weeks ago?

Here’s some photos I took during the autograph session. I didn’t queue up for their autographs because it ended around 11.30pm and I didn’t want to miss the last bus home.

Oh yea, and I enjoyed the concert a lot. Only thing that irritated me was the host. Cold, old, lame jokes and even forgot Hiroaki Yura’s name while introducing the artists on stage.

Hiroaki Yura

Good looking, clear voice. Heard he was a child prodigy.

Ayako Ishikawa

Beautiful lady. Host called her "princess". No objections here.

Yasunori Mitsuda

I swear he looks a lot better than this photo. I was experimenting on trying to take photos without the flash on. ( >_<)

I’m impressed after hearing the story of his first job interview during the concert.

Unfortunately, he made a number of poor responses at the interview, stating that he had never played the Final Fantasy series (Square’s only major success at that time) and only wanted the job as a stepping stone to go on to bigger things.

Despite the interviewers being horrified, they were still prepared to give him a job, having been impressed by his compositions, and he was employed as a composer the following month.

wikipedia link: Yasunori Mitsuda

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