I think I finally found the problem

I was experiencing weird internet problems. I’m on ADSL. My DSL signal would drop and try to reconnect. It was so frustrating because I can’t have a good game of FFXI. I got my entire PT killed when I DCed during a pull in a BC.

But I think I may have discovered the problem. And I’m a little embarassed about it because I was so sure that wasn’t the cause.

The fucking phones in my living room. They were probably faulty or maybe just the phone lines.

I’m guessing they are generating static onto the lines which affects my DSL stability.

As to how I discovered it, here’s the story.

One night, during one of those frustrating constant disconnecting sessions, I went to the living room and picked up the phone. I could hear static noise. And by holding the receiver for a while, it would gradually go away.

Then I noticed my DSL going back stable.

I tried it the next morning and wallah, it went worked again.

After work, I went to buy 2 new phones and some phone wires to replace the ones in my living room.

Till now, I haven’t seen that problem anymore. I really hope I fixed it. Because it has been irritating me for almost 6 months.

As to why I denied the phones to be the cause, I have tried connecting my modem directly to the wall and it didn’t work. I think static was still there on the phone lines and it didn’t go away easily.

Also, I don’t use phones at home. If my friends want to contact me, they would call my handphone directly. Only my mum uses the phones at home to chat with her friends.

Just need a few more days to confirm that the problem has been solved. *crosses fingers*

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  1. D: a Singaporean!
    but as always… on another server.

    ::waves:: I love the different colours of the entry backgrounds.

    :: sulks :: Right now I’m waiting for a GM to respond to my cry for help ~_~ Stuck in the water area in WindurstWaters. Blah! Oh, and may I link you? ^^;

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