Almost screwed

An important thing to remember when dealing with people from huge corporate companies:

If you’re not supposed to deal with them, don’t. Don’t answer any sensitive questions unless instructed by your boss. Easy questions like "how do I power on my computer?" are acceptable.

I became the scapegoat when someone forgot his password and needed to postpone the deadline of an important task between his company and mine. My boss happened to be overseas and his cellphone had problems so he could not be contacted in anyway that day.

He sent out an email to some of the higher ups and people whom I’m in contact with for another project. 1 of which gave me a call and sounded upset. The other, a very nice guy, had to clear up the mess. 

Well, the guy got his time extension and I got the blame. Lucky for me, my boss knows what really happened and I was forgiven for my lack of experience for handling such matters.

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