Hecatomb Harness

Last Friday, 全力全開’s Kirin battle went smoothly and we improved our battle time to 1 hour 20 minutes I think. A little more death’s than our previous run because of tank dying, having their hate reset through deaths makes it easier for BLMs to get hate.

Anyways, the Neptunal Abjuration: Body dropped [XD].

Hellokittie and I had interest in the abjuration, neither of us invoked the 20P rule, so we both cast lots.

I bought the materials for crafting the cursed harness. Everything costs 1 million. The crafted piece costs 1.4 million. So if I get it crafted, I would save 400,000gil. But alas….

Since there isn’t any oxblood on Jeuno’s AH at that time, I went ahead with buying a crafted piece from the AH. ( T-T)

With the Abjuration and Cursed Harness, I flew to the cathedral in North Sand’Oria to get it uncursed. Ta-da!

My 2.4 million gil Hecatomb Harness….. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

I noticed about 100+ increase in damage for most of my SATA Spinning Slash now. And also around 100+ increase on Kirin for Spiral Hell and Ground Strike, both around 800-999. But still not good enough. Other DRKs are doing 1200-2000 on Kirin. >_< Should work on merits soon and throw them into my Scythe and Great Sword skill.

When wearing this harness, my TP per swing went up by 2%. I usually get 12% TP per swing but now, 14%. It should help solve my problem of always getting 98% TP in EXP PTs and then wasting another 7 seconds waiting for my next swing in order to break 100% TP for WS. In EXP PTs, 7 seconds is a looooong time. ( T-T)

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  1. I would cry if that happened to me. I had someone craft a 600k item for me once and blow it up, but at least it’s something I farmed off an NM and didn’t buy with my own gil. Ouch, just ouch.

    And congrats anyway!

  2. Omg, that is so sweet! And it suits you well :P Nice to have something that says “rofl im 1337” *scythe swish for big numbers*…

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