Ground Strike Love

Another Kirin fight last Saturday~ ( ´―`)



This time, I used Yellow Curry as my food, boosts my attack to around 510-520. ( °Д°)



300% TP, Souleater, Last Resort, Flee, run up to Kirin’s back and
Sneak Attack + Ground Strike!! ヽ( `Д´)ノ



Wyred uses Ground Strike.
Kirin takes 1482 points of damage.
Skillchain: Light.
Kirin takes 185 points of damage.
Kirin uses Deadly Hold.
Wyred takes 704 points of damage.
Wyred (°∀°)



Sweet. Almost there. Just need to get my Hecatomb mittens, and use Bison Steak next time. Maybe with these, I may hit the 1600 mark. With the accuracy equip I had that time, I could hit Kirin at around 60% accuracy and damage done with each hit ranging from 40-90. Absolutely no 0 damage hits. ^^



Kirin dropped Shining Cloth and Neptunal Abjuration: Body! Congrats to Hellokittie!



Later that night after Kirin…. We all teleported down to Misareaux Coast and try the NM that drops Tatami Shield!! ( °ロ°)



Death-ga! (;´Д`)ハァハァ



Devastating Thundagas and Body Slams. Can’t stun it because it’s thunder resistant. The first run had the most deaths. But we improved over the second and third run. Sadly the shield didn’t drop for all 3 fights because we used the NQ version of the pop items. Guess it’s not worth to try this using the NQ pop item. ( ´ハ`)



Still, it was fun overall. ( ´ー`)



For those who don’t know, this is a feeble attempt at blogging JP style. w

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