FFXI Drama

When I first started the game, it all seems like a happy world, no such thing as drama. I’m not good at writing so bear with me. I have too many thoughts on this topic.

Once a while I would come across players who think they’re the only person in the game. But such players quit soon after because they made a bad name for themselves, so not a problem here.

Now that I’m in 75 and involved in a Sky LS, I begin to see the real evil side of the game. Since my Lineage 2, Japan open beta days, I always thought of Japanese players as honest players. But in FFXI, slowly I come across JP players who would insult and make fun of you. These players are in their level 70s so they will probably be around for the next few months/years.

I am fucking glad no member in my Sky Linkshell behaves that way.

I don’t agree with people when they say this is just a game. However, I do not think we should get overly pissed with other people because of what happened in-game. HNMs will always respawn to be fought. EXP lost can be regained through a few fun exp pts (unless you hate your job, but if you hate your job, why play?). It’s not like getting MPKed in-game will cause your real-life lifespan to shorten a few years.

Anyways, a little JP tarutaru /cheered me when I was soloing Olavia’s escort quest. My chat log was moving fast so I missed it >_<. But I appreciate that little emote. Small simple things like this makes the game so much more enjoyable.

It seems to me that some players become selfish and hateful because of other players’ actions. Which is why I will offer help to anyone that needs it, hoping they would understand that not everyone are bad people and learn to be forgiving. OhmyfuckinggodIsaidsomethingcheesysohere’safuckwordtobalancethings.

I want to take this chance to present to you something Mahatma Ghandi said: "An eye for an eye only makes the world go blind."

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  1. Actually there are player set rules between the few HNMLS out there, but not everyone follows them.

    {Adaman Hauberk} {Where?} ; ;

  2. I’m with the whole “What’s with people’s attitudes?” deal. I’m nowhere high enough to know the dirt of such LSs. I admit, though, the word from others *coughsFriends&KI* has dulled any incentive to get to 70+. But, hey, I’m having fun having fun with folks, it’s all good!

  3. endgame drama is pretty bad; for the drops from ground gods, it’s almost a second price you have to pay: 1st you put in the work to earn it, 2nd you have to deal with the drama that comes along

    ghandi’s quote is so true

  4. I quit HNM/Sky, I couldn’t take the drama anymore. I hated being at work all day just to come home and spend the rest of the night in sky, tense and pissed off.

    And no, it’s not just a game. Just because you’re in your own room safe from the other person punching you in the face for your comments, DOESNT MEAN you have to MAKE those comments. Courtesy and respect should exist between people regardless of whether there’s a computer screen seperating them.

  5. Yea, agreed.

    And until every person and their HNMLS would behave and respect one another, I would not agree to my Sky LS attempting ground gods.

    There are honorable people in my Sky LS and I don’t want them to experience all these stressful, unneccessary drama.

  6. Hey, time to post on Wyred’s blog :P

    I quit drama. I didn’t really quit HNM, or sky, per se… I just decided whenever there was going to be the potential for drama, I wasn’t going to be interested.

    Forget roc, forget serket… they aren’t _worth my_ time, seriously. I have sqrt(-1) tolerance for drama… lol.

    In fact, I decided at the same time I wasn’t going to care about gil anymore.

    Wyred, you guys rock. ZZ, coolio, rikku, etc… I play because I like hanging out and doing stuff with you guys. I don’t NEED to do hnm. Heh, I don’t even need to do sky, but at least it gives me a chance to see (and meet) friends twice a week. :P Which is the real reason I look forward to ZZ meets.

    It makes me sad to have to give up sky for the moment, but come end of exams I will be back… and I’m looking forward to it.

    Peace out. Take it easy… and I’ll chat to you in game bro.

    ~ Trakey

  7. I haven’t really spent much time together with sky linkshells, but I hate it so much. People grow more and more greedy as they grow in levels, and it’s sad to see how a select few can ruin everything for others.

    I’m still having a lot of fun though, and if someone tries to insult me in a linkshell or in a party I kindly ask them if they really meant what they just said and then take the approperiate actions if they did. Either by warping or crushing my pearl (or just ignore them for the time being).

    I’m so glad I don’t have any sky linkshells at the moment, but it would be nice if I could find myself a good Dynamis group. ^^

  8. Heh, I guess it’s about time I chipped into this. As you know, I’ve gone the sledgehammer approach to dealing with endgame content, basically saying “NO” to anything HNM or sky related.

    Granted, that’s not quite true, since I have helped out with BBQ’s Wyrm attempts (which can be counted on one paw, too ^^), but what little I saw of the endgame scene rather sickened me…

    Dynamis is all right though, if only them damn hats would drop. -_-

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