Afternoon Tea

I’m limiting myself to a cup of coffee a day, just to keep my headache away. Can’t believe I got so hooked I had 3-4 cups a day last year during my industrial attachment. So now, during work, I have a cup in the morning to rev up myself. During afternoon, if I feel too sleepy, I go for a hot cup of Lipton tea.

I did a lot of thinking since last week. The result is more problems to think about [:(]. One thing for sure, I know myself a lot better than before. Perhaps this is just temporary. Perhaps I’m entering the next chapter of a book titled ‘Erik Yang’. Perhaps I’m heading towards a mental breakdown. Perhaps… perhaps… perhaps…

I might have unstable personalities, behaviours. I don’t have a particular favourite color, food, music genre, anime, manga or hobby. It all boils down to my mood. If I feel like having chicken rice, I go for chicken rice. It is/was never my favourite food. Sometimes I think I’m mature, other times I find myself having childish thoughts. And sometimes I feel like robbing a fat kid of his McDonald’s happy meal. No self control.

All the thinking might be affecting me indirectly. I misinterpret what others type, my emotions are mixing and running wild, can’t concentrate well, and my rate of spelling errors is going up.

And so I went back to listening to my old Green Day album, Dookie. Feels so darn good to listen to their songs again. [:)]

Excerpt from “Chump” by Green Day
Maybe it’s just jealousy
Mixing up with a violent mind
A circumstance that doesn’t make much sense
Or maybe I’m just dumb

Back when I started listening to Green Day, a lot of their songs didn’t make much sense to me. I had a poor understanding of english cos I didn’t pay attention in classes and I don’t read much. All I liked was their music and the singer, Billie Joe’s voice/style-of-singing. But slowly, I’m beginning to understand the lyrics.

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